Track work

The track I use for this layout is the same as for the large Cleveland & Eastern, Code 55 from ATLAS.
What makes the difference to the large layout is that I tried to improve the turnout switch mechanism.

Basically it is a pushrod with a DPDT switch that serves two tasks, first it keep the points in their designated position. Secondly, it acts as a polarity switch for the frog itself. The second pole on the switch I will use later for signal feedback to determine whether the turnout is thrown or straight.

I originally wanted to actuate the mechanism through pushrods longed through the fascia, but I currently tinker with a servo actuation.
As the mechanism is highly variable, I can easily add a pivot for the servo-arm.

I no longer solder the wires directly to the DPDT switch, I desinged a little PCB, which allows to screw the track wires to a screw-terminal and a JST plug for the signal feedback.

I also modified the ATLAS turnout itself, by cutting the unused side of the switch-rod and shorten the other switch-rod using a template. For a clean and smooth operation, I designed a guidance plug. It fits into the drill hole through the sub-roadbed and matches the height of the roadbed. It has a square head that fits the length of the turnout-switch ties. It features a gap for the spring steel wire to freely move the switch-tie.

After the turnouts and track are installed, I sprayed the area around the switch mechanism flat black, as I will avoid ballasting the area later.

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